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Fire Sprinkler Saves Building in Downtown Burlingame

On Wednesday, March 4th, Central County Fire Department responded to a structure fire in our downtown area of Burlingame. The building is a 3-story residential hotel above a commercial business. Upon E-34’s arrival, the building fire alarm system was activating and a sprinkler head was activated in an individual unit on the 3rd floor. Fire damage was limited to this one unit. The area of origin was identified against the west wall of this unit, around an electrical outlet near the floor. A burn pattern was observed around the bed, which was situated directly up against the west wall and electrical outlet. This particular outlet was severely burned, with several partially burned cords connected into it. Several multi-outlet adapters were used throughout the unit – daisy-chained to one another and providing electricity to many appliances in the room. The circuit breaker to this unit was found in the “tripped” position. 

All occupants safely evacuated the building and there was minimal smoke, fire, and water damage to the building.



San Mateo Structure Fire