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To All San Mateo County Overhead Personnel:

To facilitate rapid notification of OES Overhead Requests we are planning to utilize the “ROAM Alert Red” system managed by County OES.  This system allows the end user to create a log-on and manage their alerting method.  Alerts can be sent to e-mails, county pagers or cell phones.  You will not receive junk or spam; only the Fire Mutual Aid Coordinator (or his designee) will be able to send alerts to the “XSM Overhead Request” group.  Once all current overhead personnel have joined, the group will be locked and new personnel will need to be added by contacting Mike Towns at mtowns@fostercity.org.

An additional public group has been added which is called “Wildland Updates (General mesgs on fire activity)”.  This is a message group that will be maintained by several individuals.  Information on new and existing fires will be sent out as the information is obtained.  This group may get busy causing a lot of data, so join or remove yourself at any time.  This group is open to any firefighter.  This is an informational group only, DO NOT contact your supervisor or County Communications for deployment questions or fire updates.

If you think of other groups that may be beneficial, please let me know and I will add them.

Please go to:  https://oes.smcalert.info/index.php?CCheck=1 and follow the instructions on the following pages to create a log on.  Your prompt response in doing this would be greatly appreciated so we can communicate overhead needs as soon as possible.

Thank You,
Mike Towns
Foster City Fire

Printable version of the below instructions

Click on “New User”

Fill in name and email address. Select “Email account” in the drop down and add your email address.  Select your cell provider and add cell number. Select “San Mateo County Pagers” and add 4 digit cap code. Create password.


In the “Enter the Authorization Code” section enter “alert”.   Only select your City & Town of where you work. Do not highlight any information in the boxes below "Cities & Towns".



Select Fire and click Finish registration



Click on “My Alerts”


Click on XSM OES Overhead Request “add group”. You may also click on the “Wildland updates” if you desire.
Do not attempt to sign up for Sheriff’s Office Overtime, you will not get it.


You are complete and you may Logout.


County Wide GPS and Landing Zone program

A list of over 1000 Points of Interests (POI's) have been collected and compiled into several different database files. These files can be loaded on a Garmin GPS which will give you quick access to important POI's. I have no information on other GPS units so if you can provide information if these files will work with other units or not please send me an email.

Landing Zones XSM 

Over 100 landing zones in San Mateo County

Hospitals XSM

All hospitals in San Mateo County.

Fire Stations XSM

All fire stations in San Mateo County.

CAL FIRE Fire Stations

Download the following zipped folders. Unzip them into the garmin\install folder on your computer. Keep the individual files in their respective folders.

Rest Stops

Several rest stops.


Several Starbucks.


Garmin GPS Upload Instructions

Go to the Garmin website and download the most recent POI loader:

Download the necessary files above and place them in a garmin\install folder on your computer:

Hook up your GPS to your computer and run the POI loader program. Direct the program to your garmin\install folder on your computer.

Once installed you can select Extras on your GPS and then go to Custom POI's. When you click on a particular POI you will see more details such as phone numbers, addresses, Latitude and Longitude.

If you have ideas for other POI files, need changes or updates, or have any questions, please contact Mike Towns at Foster City Fire.

View Power Point Demo

{jsmallfib [gps]}

Contact Us

San Mateo County Fire Chiefs Association is a non-profit organization representing the Fire Chiefs, Fire Operations Officers, Fire Prevention Officers, and Fire Training Officers of San Mateo County, California.


Member Agencies

Unincorporated, State Responsibility Areas (SRA) 

CAL FIRE San Mateo-Santa Cruz Unit
(831) 335-5355


Belmont Fire Protection District
(650) 595-7492

Burlingame, Hillsborough

Central County Fire Department
(650) 558-7600

Half Moon Bay, Miramar, El Granada, Princeton-by-the-Sea, Montara, Moss Beach

Coastside Fire Protection District
(650) 726-5213

Foster City

Foster City Fire Department
(650) 286-3350

La Honda

La Honda Fire Brigade
(650) 747-0381

Menlo Park

Menlo Park Fire Protection District
(650) 688-8400

Pacifica, Brisbane, Daly City

North County Fire Authority
(650) 991-8138

Redwood City, San Carlos

Redwood City - San Carlos Fire Department
(650) 780-7400

San Bruno

San Bruno Fire Department
(650) 616-7096

San Mateo (City)

San Mateo Fire Department
(650) 552-7900

San Mateo Highlands, Cordilleras, Skylonda, Pescadero, El Granada

San Mateo County Fire
(650) 345-1612

South San Francisco

South San Francisco Fire Department
(650) 829-3950

Woodside, Portola Valley, Emerald Hills, Ladera, Los Trancos, Skyline, Viste Verde

Woodside Fire Protection District
(650) 851-1594